CITIZEN announces “Eco-Drive Riiiver” — a next-generation smart watch using IoT platform “Riiiver” to connect people, devices and services.

Eco-Drive Riiiver

Eco-Drive Riiiver is a next-generation smart watch that connects to various devices and services through the CITIZEN’s open-source “Riiiver“ IoT platform. The new platform makes it possible, for example, to call a transportation service with just push of watch button or operate smart speakers with the watch.

Eco-Drive Riiiver’s design combines the best of both worlds with smart-watch functionality and the smart analogue style of a wristwatch. In addition, Eco-Drive powers the watch using any light source with no external battery charging necessary.

The new watches feature high-visibility colours and hands encased in a wide, spacious dial that make readability quick and easy. The minimalist design is complemented by intricate mesh band and finely finished cases. Moreover, the evocative design takes advantage of CITIZEN’s century-long experience in watchmaking by integrating the beauty of analogue affability and warmth with the digital world.