Titan ties up with American watchmaker FTS

Titan Company Tuesday said it has entered into an alliance with FTS USA LLC to assist in setting up an assembly unit of the American watchmaker.

As part of the partnership, Titan will further extend its support to FTS by supplying quartz movement kits and training the US engineers, it said in a statement.

“We are happy to support FTS through this new facility, in helping them revive the American watch manufacturing industry,” Titan Company CEO – Watches and Accessories S Ravi Kant said.

According to him, the alliance signifies Titan’s three-decade long expertise in watchmaking.

Nearly all large-scale watchmaking for the US market is done outside America in countries such as Switzerland, China, Japan, the Philippines and India.

“Through this alliance, FTS sees an opportunity to make more classic watches and movements. The new facility will lead to higher quality, fewer shipment delays and a better connect with the US customers,” Titan added.

This article was first published on economictimes.indiatimes.com on Mar 12, 2019